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Castle Acre Primary School

# Summer Music Challenge

Dear families,

Here is a lovely musical challenge for everyone.

By simply clicking upon the link below - all will become clear.

The basic challenge is to make a short video of something in NATURE (clouds, a stream, grass waving in the breeze, birds in the garden, your favourite flowers, animals in a field, bales of hay, a snail, frogs in a pond, your cat snoozing in the sunshine, your dog rolling in mud....).

Then either make your own simple song, create a soundtrack using your voice to make a pattern of sounds, build a soundscape using things around you, use musical instruments if you have any....or compose/play a few notes if you know how to....anything and everything is good - the only limit is your imagination.

We will aim to try and make some in school with those children that attend from 15th June.

Videos can then be uploaded to the Norfolk music hub for all to see/enjoy (by 5th July) ... and also sent to school (via dojo or email) - so they might be added to class pages - or perhaps a separate SPECIAL page if we have enough!

I look forward to seeing/hearing your creations.

Miss C