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Narborough Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together


Dear Children and Parents,

As things are a little different at the moment and some people are at home, I would like you to continue learning wherever you might be.  This page will be updated regularly with what you need to do.

For communicating, I will use ClassDojo and would love to see all the super learning you are doing so please don't forget to keep posting your pictures and videos for me to see!

If you would like any advice on how to structure your day, please let me know.

Mrs Hoddy

Some websites you might find useful are:


Use Oxford Reading Owls, to access free ebooks.  If you use the book bands drop down menu, you can select the colour band that your child has on their reading books. 

Phonics- Phonics Play is offering free use. On their website it gives you the username and password. Reception can access Phase 1,2 and 3 Completely free and a brilliant game for children to practise their phonics and reading with.


Michael Rosen-


Maths on the internet-

Singing Walrus on Youtube-

Number pairs song-


  1. 23.3.2020 Hedgehog Class Home Learning Monday 23rd March 2020
  2. Hedgehog Class Home Learning 24.3.20
  3. Wed 25th March Hedgehog Class Home Learning Wednesday 25th March 2020
  4. 26th March 2020 Hedgehog Class Home Learning Thursday 26th March 2020
  5. Hedgehog Class Home Learning Friday 27th March 2020
  6. Hedgehog Class Home Learning Monday 30th March 2020
  7. Hedgehog Class Home Learning Tuesday 31st March 2020
  8. Hedgehog Class Home Learning Wednesday 1st April 2020
  9. Hedgehog Class Home Learning Thursday 2nd April 2020
  10. Hedgehog Class Easter 2020
  11. Home Learning Monday 20th April 2020
  12. Home Learning Tuesday 21st April 2020
  13. Home Learning Wednesday 22nd April 2020
  14. Home Learning Thursday 23rd April 2020
  15. Home Learning Friday 24th April 2020
  16. Home Learning Monday 27th April 2020
  17. Home Learning Tuesday 28th April 2020
  18. Home Learning Wednesday 29th April 2020
  19. Home Learning Thursday 30th April 2020
  20. Home Learning Friday 1st May 2020
  21. Home Learning Monday 4th May 2020
  22. Home Learning Tuesday 5th May 2020
  23. Home Learning Wednesday 6th May 2020
  24. Home Learning Thursday 7th May 2020
  25. Home Learning Monday 11th May 2020
  26. Home Learning Tuesday 12th May 2020
  27. Home Learning Wednesday 13th May 2020
  28. Home Learning Thursday 14th May 2020
  29. Home Learning Friday 15th May 2020
  30. Phase-3-Phonics-Letters-and-Sounds-Assessment-Sheets_ver_6
  31. Home Learning Monday 18th May 2020
  32. Lesson-1-Compare-lengths-and-heights-2019
  33. Useful home learning websites
  34. Home Learning Tuesday 19th May 2020
  35. Lesson-2-Measure-length
  36. Home Learning Wednesday 20th May 2020
  37. Lesson-3-Measure-length-2
  38. Home Learning Thursday 21st May 2020
  39. Lesson-4-Introduce-weight-and-mass
  40. End-plastic-pollution-differentiated-reading-comprehension-activity-_ver_5
  41. Home Learning Friday 22nd May 2020
  42. Making-a-wormery-sequencing-activity
  43. Worms-and-wormery-care-display-facts-posters
  44. Life-cycle-of-an-earthworm-display-poster
  45. Make-your-own-wormery-activity