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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together

DAY 1 Monday 23rd March

Let’s get Day 1 started!

Today, my suggested activities are:


Work through the questions on Maths Skills Check 1 

Work through the ‘White Rose Problems of the Day’ for Day 1 

Spend any additional time using Maths Shed or working through you CGP maths textbook.



Read one of the reading comprehension worksheets and answer the questions

Work through the questions on Grammar Skills Check 1 

Listen to Episode 1 of Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo on the BBC School Radio website.

Spend any additional time using the Read Theory website, Spelling Shed or working through your CGP textbook.


Topic – Creating future historical evidence!

In history lessons this year, we have talked about primary & secondary sources and how we use them to find out about the past. 

Primary sources of historical information were written by people who were actually there experiencing the events as they were happening. 

Write a short diary entry in your red English / Topic book describing what Day 1 of learning from home was like. 

Remember to say in your diary entry what you did, and more importantly, how you felt about your day. Writing about you feelings and opinions makes the diary entry much more interesting to read rather than just listing a series of events.

Maybe one day, people will read your diary entry to find out about what happened in our country in 2020!


Daily Act of Worship

Listen to Special Days: Mothering Sunday (BBC School radio website)



Hope you have a lovely day!