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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together

Day 1 Monday 23rd March

Any resources you need are on the main "Coronavirus pages" for this class. I will share the Epic website log in on Tapestry. Y1 parents you are reactivated, please check your emails!


Reception- Look at some non-fiction (information) and fiction (story) together or use the webpage to look at some (login on Tapestry). National Geographic Little Kids Book of Bugs is a good one as we have been learning about bugs). Look at their features e.g. illustrations, contents, glossary, photo's etc and sort them into fiction and non fiction. Choose 3/5 words and have a go at putting them into alphabetical order. To make it trickier try ordering 2 words which start with the same letter (looking at the 2nd letter).

Year 1- Refresh your memory by talking to your grown up about how non fiction and fiction books are different. Can you remember what a glossary is and what it is used for? Use a book about bugs or National Geographic Little Kids Book of Bugs  (login details are on Tapestry) and the contents page to find some pages and write some interesting facts you have learnt. Can you draw a picture to illustrate what you have learnt? Can you include some labels? Phonics mats and tricky word mats are on the closures page.


For today use Phonics Play, it is free and there is a link to use the new website on a tablet. Reception are Phase 3*, Year 1 are Phase 5 but need to keep practising the 2 letter vowel digraphs which are Phase 3. We use the flashcards and buried treasure/picnic on pluto regularly. Epic Phonics on youtube also have tricky word songs.

* If your child's next step on Tapestry is to blend and segment follow the plan attached at the bottom of this page alongside the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds.

PLEASE use to check your enunciation. 


YR Prepositions

Set up an obstacle course at home to explore the prepositions: on, under, over, on top, through, next to, between, left and right. How well can your child use the vocabulary? Upload pictures and comments on Tapestry or record in their book.

Y1 Weight and Mass

Visit the website to watch the video which explains the concept. Answer the questions  using the file "Spring Block 4 WO1. To answer the questions include the question number and draw and label the answer e.g. if the answer is "apple", draw an apple and label it. 

Handwriting Practise these letter shapes. Practise writing capital letters for a challenge!


How is Spring different to Winter and the other seasons? Use the Spring powerpoint to help your child understand the differences between the seasons. Choose one of the Spring writing pages and use the word bank to help write some sentences about Spring. You do not need to print.