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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together


Morning all, 

Reading : Please read for 10 -15 minutes and either write a paragraph summarising what was read or a book review. Alternatively write a paragraph telling us what you think of one of the main characters. 


Go to this website and spend 15 minutes either practising the doubles or timestables. If you are year 2 please choose 5x  or 3x and if you are year 3 please choose 3x or 4x 

Today we continuing our theme of addition with one final lesson on word problems.  don't forget to rewatch Miss Behan's video on how to use a numberline

Choose  one of the attached challenges to complete 


L.O: I can write a factfile about an animal using conjunctions and adjectives. 

Design a non-fiction information page about polar bears. If you’d like you can make your own ‘did you know?’ fact box. Write a nice, bold title and draw a picture of a polar bear. 

Underneath the picture, write an information page about polar bears. Use your notes from Tuesday to give you some ideas of what to say. There are two things you MUST include at least somewhere in your writing. 

1)~ Add in adjectives. For example : The polar bear has thick, white fur.  

2)  Use the conjunctions which or that. For example: The polar bear has thick, white fur that helps to keep it warm in the freezing Arctic. 

We'll finish it over tomorrow too so don't worry if you don't finish. I've attached a page with some sentence openers and the conjunctions to use so download it below. 

Spanish : Please log on to the language nut website using the details you were sent before from Miss Clifton. Spend at least 20 minutes online 

Geography : following on from looking at how volcanoes are made, today can you look at how earthquakes are made on this website   

watch the video and pause the video when the teacher asks you to. Don't forget you'll need a pen and paper. When you've finished, please research one famous earthquake and design a mini factfile or information page about this earthquake. I'd like to know what year it happened, where, and any other facts.