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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together

friday 22nd JANUARY

Hello everyone. Happy Friday! Hope we are all well. Some relaxing lessons for our Friday challenges hopefully. 

PE: Please join in live PE with Joe Wicks at 9am on youtube. 

Reading: please read for ten mins. Today's challenge is to read with expression. Make sure you pause where there are commas or full stops. Try making your voice sound interesting or change it for different characters. 

Maths : 

Watch the counting by 4s song video. 

Then year 2s: 

watch this video  of Miss Behan explaining 

and then do task 1   pages 2 and 3 below. 

Then do task 2  

YEAR 3 :    

Do task 1 page 2 and 3 

then watch this video of Miss Behan explaining and do task 2 

ENGLISH : We are going to be writing out our instructions for our sandwich and improving them by making sure we use adverbs , bossy verbs and add lots of detail. Watch the video of Miss Behan making a sandwich and then explaining the task here.  Miss Behan making the sandwich.  Miss Behan explaining the task. 

Then download the word mat and write out yours, improving on yesterday by adding lots of detail. Use your finest handwriting 


GEOGRAPHY : watch the video here on how to protect from earthquakes. The video will ask you to pause and do certain tasks. You will need a pen and paper