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Castle Acre Primary School

Friday 10th July

The end of week 6 .....enjoy.


Continue with your words for this week….last day…

See if SOMEONE can test you!

Gryffindor /Ravenclaw : disappoint disagree disobey  inactive incorrect illegal illegible immature immortal imperfect impossible impatient

Click on the link and go to Spelling Rule 4 to find the list and the daily games

Slytherin/Hufflepuff : eye could plant hour move prove improve  sure  should  would  Christmas

Click on the link and go to Spelling Rule 33 to find the list and the daily games


Listen to gthe story of Ngala the lion – From South Africa

Linked to the work you have been doing earlier this week – today the focus is upon ADJECTIVES.

All – look at the ALTERNATIVE adjectives sheet.

Y2 – sorting adjectives, extension = 3 different levels of sentence building with POWERFUL adjectives....pick your level of challenge!

Y3 – Look at the expanded noun phrase prompt sheet.

Now, aim to build at least 7 (or more) AMAZINGLY DETAILED DESCRIPTIVE sentences about NGALA the lion and any of the the other characters in the story. Think...describe what you would SEE, HEAR, or FEEL if you were there.


Multiplication practise for all, as normal – make sure you are on the correct tab/page

(5-7 or 7-11)

and/or continued use of:

Y2 – durations of time, counting around the clock.. minutes and hours

Time games

Then see which sheets below you can complete.

Y3 – adding and subtracting amounts, capacity

Capacity/measures (different scales) games

Then ALL should aim to complete the Y3 sheet.....

Extension = quiz…this is VERY tricky, only really look at p.1-2…unless your are SUPER keen!

Topic –

Looking for an extra challenge?

Find out about “The big 5” (web links below will get you started),hunters%20to%20bring%20them%20home.

The original “BIG 5” was created by the tourism industry and was focused around hunting.

Today, most people want to see the animals alive in their natural habitat.

If YOU were to create a new “Big 5”, which animals would you choose and why?


Make a model of your favourite African animal – paper, scrunched tin foil, fabric (a sock puppet!), clay, salt dough….

There are lots of ideas online – here are just a few examples.