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Narborough Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together

Friday 10th July

Welcome to the penultimate Friday!!!!


Use this link:

It's Friday, which means it is test day!

  • Click on year 3 & 4 Spelling rule 4 (pefixes)
  • On Friday click on Practice / Test and test the spelling rule you have been learning this week.
  • Record your score in your Exercise book.

English/Topic: African Animals

Today is the day to finish your information book. What is missing?

 Your information book will need to include: (I recommend a page for each)

  • A front cover (with a title, picture and the name of the author-you!)
  • A Contents page (I recommend this is the last thing you complete)
  • Where in the world can your animal be found (it might be a good idea to include a map)
  • What habitat and biome does your animal live in (you will need to explain what a biome is!)
  • Appearance- what does your animal look like. (You could also include facts about its size/weight)
  • Adaptation- how is your animal adapted to live in its habitat?
  • Breeding habits- how many offspring do they have? How long is their gestation? How long do their young stay with their parent(s)?
  • Diet- what do they eat? (try to include some scientific vocabulary) How do they get their food? Are they predators or prey, or both? (You could also include a food chain)
  • Any other interesting facts…
  • Glossary: you should have used some scientific vocabulary that will need to be explained in a glossary.

Don’t forget each page needs to have:

  • Sub heading
  • Pictures with captions
  • Writing (short and concise paragraphs, properly punctuated)


Already finished? Can you promote your book? (persuade people to buy it). You could create a poster to advertise your book, or film a short promotional video where you present the book. How are you going to persuade people to buy your book? Why should they read it? Who is your advert aimed at? (e.g. parents or children).

Daily 10

Get practising those times tables!!! Click on the link below to access the website.


Having listened to your feedback, some of you preferred the white rose maths, and some preferred the NCETM videos. So, I am going to offer a choice. You can either do the white rose or  the NCETM videos. There is no right or wrong option, it is what best suits you. Either lesson will benefit your child.

NCETM Year 3/4

Fractions 2: Lesson 10 Understand that equal parts can look different- volume and area contexts

White Rose

Friday Fun Family Challenge:

Work together as  a family to become awesome problem solvers! Some challenges are easier than others. They do get progressively harder (Up to year 9 level…so if you struggle with questions 4 and above, don’t panic!). See how many of the problems you can solve… parents can also help! (The problems are the same for year 3 and 4, so clicking on either link will take you to the relevant challenge: Summer term, week 9: Friday Maths challenge).


Can you try making a piece of art of your African creature? It could be 2D or 3D. You could use any medium you want (drawing, painting, pastilles, paper, card, salt dough, plasticine, clay, fabric, collage....) You decide! :)