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Castle Acre Primary School

Friday 12th June

Friday at last....almost the weekend!

Here are today's tasks


Today is a creative writing challenge - linked to the diary writing you did earlier this week.

I need you to IMAGINE that you are one of the characters in your favourite book or film.

Then, write an amazing diary page as that character.

1. You could retell an adventure or set of events that you really know well or enjoyed reading about/watching.

2. You could INVENT a new adventure or series of events for your character to have experienced.


1st PERSON - you ARE the character you are writing about, everything is about YOU... "Yesterday I had the most amazing day ever and just had to write it all down before I forgot it....."

PAST TENSE - you are writing about things that have HAPPENED to your character....UNLESS you decide to include some hopes/thoughts for the FUTURE....."When I jumped out of the plane I flew through the air like a rocket! It was thrilling and scary at the same time. I hope I can do it again some day, perhaps with my best friend...."

I can't wait to read your creations.


As ever...a bit of multiplication practise 1st....


Today your focus is problem solving.

Watch the video clip : 

1. Complete your sheet.

2. Try an EXTENSION sheet if you can - TIME!


Today your focus is TIME - 24 hour clock

1. Look at the clips:

2. Complete your sheet.

3. Try the EXTENSION if you can.


You have 2 options today.

You could do one or even both!

1. Music 

Make a start on your SUMMER MUSIC CHALLENGE. The details for this are in the folder of the same name to the right of this page (top of the menu).

2. Art 

The challenge this week is to draw, paint, collage or make the most AMAZING tree that you can!

If you made a tree for last year’s Woodland Trust art competition – you might already have some ideas. If not – look online, or take inspiration from a tree near you!

Even better – could you make/draw a tree from a RAINFOREST – and maybe add some suitable creatures?!

OR….Could you make a FRIENDSHIP tree, or a HOPES and DREAMS tree…or even as PRAYER tree?

You could even decorate an ACTUAL tree in your garden to turn it into a one of the above (hang pictures of all your friends in it, drape all the colours of the rainbow, dangle prayer/hope/dream/wish cards from it….).

USe your imagination - THE SKY'S THE LIMIT!