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Narborough Primary Academy

Friday 12th June 2020

It's Friday!!!!!


Rule 23: ‘cial’ or ‘tial’ suffixes

Continue to practice spelling words containing the ‘cial’ or ‘tial’ suffixes. You can refer to slide 6 of the powerpoint for ideas of  words containing these suffixes,

Read for pleasure: Spend 10-15 minutes (or more if you want) reading something for pleasure. It could be a story, poem, play, information text, comic, graphic novel or online text/kindle/e-reader. You could also read to a younger or older sibling.

English: Story writing: Writing your resolution and ending

Today is the day you will be finishing your stories! They have been brilliant so far!

In your resolution, you need to describe to the reader clearly how the problem in the dilemma is solved, so you will need to think carefully about what you want the reader to picture in their heads, and use your descriptive techniques to describe it.

The ending should draw everything to a conclusion, and contain your surprising twist, that may want the reader wanting more….

Good luck!!!

  • Write in the past tense (you must keep this consistent)
  • Write in the third person
  • Organise your writing into paragraphs
  • Vary the start of your sentences (e.g. fronted adverbials, use ISPACE and fronted adverbials word mats below to help you)
  • Use some subordinating conjunctions
  • Use some semi-colons to link clauses
  • Use description to add interest to the reader (e.g. similes, metaphors, expanded noun phrases…describe what your character can see, hear, feel, smell or even taste). Be adventurous with your vocabulary!


Daily 10

Pupils have also been using daily 10 in class to improve this recall of multiplication and division facts. They all know how this works. Click on the link below to access the website.


Friday Fun Family Challenge:

Work together as  a family to become awesome problem solvers! Some challenges are easier than others. They do get progressively harder (Up to year 9 level…so if you struggle with questions 6 and above, don’t panic!). See how many of the problems you can solve… parents can also help! (The problems are the same for year 5 and 6, so clicking on either link will take you to the relevant challenge: Summer term, week 6: Friday Maths challenge).

D&T: Foodie Friday!

It’s the return of Foodie Friday!!! You know the drill by now…get in the kitchen and knock up a Michelin star worthy full 3 course meal… JOKE!!! Up to you what you cook/bake. Sweet or savoury, snack or meal… you decide. I am going to test out my oven by baking bread. (Fingers crossed I get the proving and baking right).

Daily Act of Worship

Click on the link below to access the BBC Schools radio page.

Human rights…human wrongs