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Castle Acre Primary School

Friday 15th January


Joe Wicks is continuing his live sessions at 9am if you wish to join him.


Please complete your daily spellings and  ask your parent or carer to test you. Send us your score on class dojo.


Mental /oral starter

Today we will be practising our tables again.

Click on the link and then click on the multiplication truck. Choose one or two  tables you are unsure of and practise. Are you any quicker?

We are continuing to focus on addition problems today using the strategies we have been practising throughout the week. Please find a ppt attached with a few problems on and complete one or two of the challenges.


 Please continue with you fact file making sure that you have included conjunctions and adjectives to make your writing interesting. Also include a 'Did you know?' box. 


For today’s art lesson we are going to find out about and explore the work of the artist Andy Warhol. To help you learn about Andy Warhol there are two simple power points attached. The first one 'Andy Warhol contains a video clip  with information about  the artist as well as examples of his work. The second ppt ' Pop Art ' contains more examples of his work.

Have a look at the worksheet called ‘Artist Study’. Using the same headings can you write a short study about Andy Warhol? You can copy the headings onto a piece of paper. Don’t forget to draw something that reminds you of Andy Warhol!

Have a lovely day and enjoy your weekend!