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Narborough Primary Academy

Friday 1st May

Phonics / Spellings

Have a go at the spellings you have been working on. How many did you get right? Let me know on Class Dojo  which list you are going to be working on next week. If you can spell all the words I will post a new list on Monday. Remember it doesn't matter how quickly or slowly you get through the lists as long as you try your best!

Year 1: You might like to watch the daily phonics lesson Letters and Sounds for home and schoo. Remember this can be good revision for Year 2 also. 


Log onto this link - Story online

Look at the stories and choose one you would like to listen to. Listen to the story. 

Year 1 - What did you enjoy about this story? Draw a picture and write a sentence telling me about your favourite part. Use the joining word 'because' to explain why you liked that part of the story.

Year 2 - Would you recommend this story to a friend to read? Write the title of the story in your book. Tell me a little bit about the book. Who are the characters in the story? What was the main event to happen in the story? Draw a picture and write a few sentences to explain what you enjoyed about the story and why. If you didn't enjoy the story can you explain why? 


Spend 10 minutes playing your favourite maths games on either of the links below.

Daily ten

Mental Maths Train

Year 1 - Have a go at questions 1 and 2 on Friday Maths Challenge

Year 2 - Have a go at questions 1,2 and 3  Friday Maths Challenge


As it is the end of the week you can choose one of these activities below:

PE challenge - Make up your own 'PE with Joe' routine. Think of 5 different exercises. See if you can make up at least one brand new exercise of your own and make up a name. Write down your 5 exercises. See if you and your family can do each exercise for 30 seconds. 

Music - We have missed singing together in Worship each day! Luckily you can choose your own song to listen and sing along to if you click on this link Singing

Daily Act of Worship/reflection

Click on the link below to take you to the BBC website

Families and Friends: Me and my family