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Narborough Primary Academy

Friday 22nd May

Happy Friday everyone! You will be pleased to know it is the last day of Home Learning before half term!!! A huge well done and thank you to all of the children and parents for working so hard and achieving so well in your learning. I am incredibly proud of you all and wish you a very sunny, happy and safe half term holiday.

Phonics / Spellings / SPAG

Practise your spellings for 5 minutes. Any words you have found tricky recently, write them down ready to practise again after half term. Even better - if you have any post-it notes or fridge magnets etc write the words out and leave the words in places around the house for you to see each day!

Daily Reading / Story

Listen to or read a book of your choice from the website links below. If you already have a book you want to read at home that is fine too! Choose somewhere nice and quiet to read or listen to your story.

Oxford Owl Reading Books

Story online

English / Topic

The two subjects link together today! As we come to the end of our learning about the Titanic I would like you to think about about any facts you have learned. You can look back at your earlier work if you need reminding. I have also attached a Powerpoint about the Titanic you could read through with your family. 

Today I would like you to draw your own picture of the Titanic. You can draw the outside or you might choose to draw part of the ship inside. Remember the rooms looked different depending on whether you were rich or poor! Label your picture with some of the vocabulary we have been using.


Y1 - Write 3 facts about the Titanic. Try and extend your sentences by using the joining word 'and'

Y2 - Write 5 facts about the Titanic. Try to think of different ways to start your sentences, use interesting vocabulary and extend your sentences by using other joining words such as 'so, because, but, when'


Family Challenge Day! Please click on the Whiterose links to have a go at the Friday Maths challenges. 

Whiterose Year 1 (Questions 1 and 2)

Whiterose Year 2  (Questions 1, 2 and 3)