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Narborough Primary Academy

Friday 22nd May 2020

Well done! You have made it to the end of the half term!!!!

Learning tasks for Friday


Rule 21: Adding suffixes beginning with a vowel to polysyllabic words

Practice adding suffixes beginning with a vowel. Use slide 6 of the powerpoint for ideas.

Read for pleasure: Spend 10-15 minutes (or more if you want) reading something for pleasure. It could be a story, poem, play, information text, comic, graphic novel or online text/kindle/e-reader. You could also read to a younger or older sibling.

English: Poetry

Yesterday, you created an imaginary creature. Some of them were amazing! Your tasks today is to write a poem about your creature. It should come as no surprise to you that your poem will need to contain similes, metaphors and expanded noun phrases to describe your creature.

Look at the example in the word document below for further tips and ideas. Have fun!


Daily 10

Pupils have also been using daily 10 in class to improve this recall of multiplication and division facts. They all know how this works. Click on the link below to access the website.

Friday Fun Family Challenge:

Work together as  a family to become awesome problem solvers! Some challenges are easier than others. They do get progressively harder. See how many of the problems you can solve… parents can also help! (The problems are the same for year 5 and 6, so clicking on either link will take you to the relevant challenge: Summer term, week 5: Friday Maths challenge.


Daily Act of Worship/reflection/Topic task

Slightly different today…

You have now come to the end of a whole half term of home-schooling, and you all have done brilliantly! I couldn’t be more proud of you all (pupils and parents! )

 Take a moment to reflect: what are you thankful for? How can you show others that you are thankful to them?

Your mission: to chose a member of your household to show your thanks for all their help and support You could: write them a poem, make them a card, do a household chore for them, bake them a cake/biscuits/treat, cook dinner……use your imaginations and show them how thankful you are.


Then: Have a fantastic half tem!!!!

I'll still be checking in on dojo regularly, so if you have any problems/questions/want to share etc, please feel free to message me. Fingers crossed the sunshine stays with us! :)