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Castle Acre Primary School

Friday 26th February


Spelling test. Ask your adult who is working with you to test you on your spellings. Post your score on dojo!


Mental/Oral Focus : 2D /3D

Today we will be refreshing our recognition of 2 and 3D shapes

Try both 2 and 3D shapes. Simply guess the shape by dragging the torch around the screen to reveal its properties.( Full instructions are included if you scroll down)

Year 2

You will need a ruler and a pencil. We shall be drawing different 2 D shapes today. Click on the link below and watch the video, pausing it at various points when needed.

Complete the challenge for all. There is a further challenge also for you to try.

Year 3

Today we shall be drawing 2D shapes. You will need a sharp pencil, ruler and a steady hand. Click on the link and complete the quiz. Then complete the activity, drawing the 3 shapes.

(Activity on the website)

Draw a 2D shape that has 4 equal sides that are each 3 cm long and has 4 right angles.

Draw a rectangle with sides that are 2 cm and 6 cm

Draw a triangle which has 2 sides both measuring 5 cm.

Complete the work sheet, Measuring and drawing shapes .

 There is a dotty paper for the children to use if needed.

Extension: Can they draw  their own shapes ? Try drawing some of the 2D shapes  on the shape mat


Please start by reading through your letter from yesterday.  Have you remembered all your punctuation?  Do you have capital letters in the correct places?  Do you think you need to make any changes to make your letter even better?  When you are ready, please download the blank letter template and write out your letter in your most beautiful handwriting.  We are looking for joined and neatly sized letters.  Remember to put the school address and please only put your first name.  


Please have a look on the Phonicsplay website and choose some games to play.  You may look at sentence substitution, investigate alternative spellings etc.  Please aim for Phase 5 activities.

To access resources please use the username they give and password:




Please see the plan below for the art.  Some of you may wish to finish off your pointillism work.  If you have already finished this, you can find out more about the Russian artist Kandinsky.