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Narborough Primary Academy

Friday 26th June

It's Friday!!!!

Spellings: Rule 38 ‘cial’ suffix

Use this link:

It’s Friday, which means it is test day!

  • Click on year 5 & 6 (spelling rule 38 cial)
  • Click on Practice / Test and test the spelling rule you have been learning this week.
  • Record your score in your English Book under your word list.

English: A Bear called Paddington

Today, you are going to be focusing on writing the dilemma, resolution and ending of your story. You can choose the write it by hand, or type it on a computer…the choice is yours. You will need to:

  • Organise your writing into paragraphs
  • Vary the start of your sentences (ISPACE)
  • Description: Include detail to interest the reader: think carefully about what you need to describe, and your choice of vocabulary. You are writing for a younger audience (6-8 year-olds), so try to use words they will understand, and think about what detail they would like to know about.  (adjectives, expanded noun phrases, similes, adverbs etc)
  • Relative clauses. Think back to your work earlier this week, can you include some relative clauses within your writing?  
  • Punctuation: obviously you should be using CAPITAL LETTERS AND FULL STOPS, but also try to include commas, semi-colons, brackets, and if including speech, inverted commas.

I can’t wait to read how your chapter develops!



Daily 10

Pupils have also been using daily 10 in class to improve this recall of multiplication and division facts. They all know how this works. Click on the link below to access the website.

Having listened to your feedback from last week, some of you preferred the white rose maths, and some preferred the NCETM videos. So, I am going to offer a choice. You can either do the white rose or  the NCETM videos. There is no right or wrong option, it is what best suits you. Either lesson will benefit your child.

NCETM Year 5/6

Lesson 10: Revise the language of ‘factor,’ ‘multiple’ and ‘common factor’

White Rose

Friday Fun Family Challenge:

Work together as  a family to become awesome problem solvers! If this is in the original format (not yet online at time of posting- 13:40 if you were wondering!) some challenges are easier than others. They do get progressively harder (Up to year 9 level…so if you struggle with questions 6 and above, don’t panic!). See how many of the problems you can solve… parents can also help! (The problems are the same for year 5 and 6, so clicking on either link will take you to the relevant challenge: Summer term, week 9: Friday Maths challenge).


Design technology: Foodie Friday!!!

My favourite day of the week, with my favourite task of the week! Foodie Friday has returned!!! Get creative in the kitchen! Knock up a snack, as sweet treat, a healthy meal….whatever you fancy. Can you try to make something that involves careful measuring of ingredients (e.g. weighing/ capacity of liquids). Can’t wait to see some of your fabulous creations. Channel your inner chef/ bake-off contestant…(Extra bonus points may be awarded if you clean up after you too!)