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Castle Acre Primary School

Friday 29th January



Complete your last look, cover, write, check before we check how well you have remembered your spellings for this week!


Oral/Mental Starter


Timed recall of multiplication facts.

Please find  sheets attached and choose the one that you feel is appropriate for you . Please don’t forget to challenge yourself though! Post your score and time on class dojo.

Year 3

After our week of work we are going to recap division and multiplication as well as scaling and finding different combinations. There a few different activities you may wish to do. You may wish to  look at the powerpoint and have a go at some of the problems.

There is also a work book attached which you may prefer to try one or two pages. No need to complete all of it!!! Just come back to it over the next few week.

Year  2

After our week on division we are just going to recap dividing by 2, 5 and 10 . Go through the ppt and answer the questions before you click on the answer. How did you get on? Now choose one of the Challenges attached.


After some super writing about the jungle demonstrating what you have been learning this week, today we will be focusing on reading.

If you are able to, please look at the Oxford Owl website for different e-books to read.  The login details are:   

The username is castleacre   and the password is read  

Happy searching for some great books and please remember to let us know when you have read at home.  

Punctuation – today we would like you to look out for examples of the following punctuation when you are reading.  Can you remember what they are all called?  Can you teach someone at home Kung Fu Punctuation? 

.    ,    A    !   ?   “   …       ;    ‘   :   

In preparation for our zoom meeting at 10.15 am on Monday, we thought you might like to write a riddle to share with the class, you may like to spend a little time today thinking of your riddle.

Can you guess mine?  (Remember to leave the easiest clue until last!)

I have 4 legs.  I have 2 ears.  I am soft and fluffy.  I live in the wild and I can be a pet.  I like to eat carrots.  What am I?


Today we are going to find out about the Art Movement known as ‘Pointillism’. We will be looking at the work of Georges Seurat who developed the technique in 1886.

To learn more about pointillism read the powerpoint in the resources.

You are going to have a go at designing and making your own ‘Pointillism’ piece of art. Before you make your artwork we are going to explore the different ways in which you could create the dot effect. You might like to try out a range of resources and techniques before you decide on your final piece. Here are a few examples you might like to try:

  • Use a cotton bud dipped into paint to create the dotty effect
  • Try felt tip pens / crayons / pencil crayons / chalks. Which works best and why?
  • Make a 3d version using tiny rolled up pieces of plasticine or playdough
  • Create a collage by cutting out paper dots or use the paper circles from the hole punch!
  • Use coloured sticky dots

Try out as many different methods as you can and share your ideas on Class Dojo. Write a few sentences to evaluate the different methods you used. Use the following questions to help you?

Which method looked the most effective and why?

Which method was the easiest / trickiest to use and why?

What method will you be using for your final piece in the next art lesson?

Next week you will be creating your masterpiece inspired by Pointillism!

Wishing you all a fabulous Friday and a happy and safe weekend.