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Castle Acre Primary School

Friday 3rd July

Take a deep breath everyone - almost the weekend!

Here are the tasks for today - do your best and try what you can.


Last chance for a quick practise - then see if someone will test you upon your words for this week.

If you would like to - have one last look at the activities:   (rule 17/32)

English/Project - ALL

1. If you did not complete your narration challenge form yesterday - please complete 1st.

2.  Learn about how the oceans effect weather by watching the videos by David Attenborough =[Discovery_Cards]-[Multi_Site]-[SL08]-[PS_BITESIZE~N~~A_TravelTheWorldWithDavidAttenborough]

3. Find out about the oceans of the world =

4.  Make some simple notes (bullet points) of the key points you recall from each link. If you need to, re-watch the information and keep pausing to take your notes as your work through the links.

Aim to make a list of at least 10 key points - or more if you can.


1. 5-10 minutes of Multiplication practise for all -  if possible ask an adult to test you upon the number you have been working on.


Today the challenge is to recap MONEY with an extension task linked to GIVING CHANGE.

Look at the links then try the sheets below.


As per year 2 - your challenge is to recap money, but focussing upon subtracting amounts; with giving change as an extension.

Look at the link below, then see which sheets you can complete.


1. Continue and complete your undersea boxes/3d models, if you need extra time.

Here are some EXTRA ideas = 

2. Octopus art - look at the prompt sheet below (other ideas can also be found online). What sort of octopus can you make?!

3. Could you make a sea creature mobile? There is a sheet of ideas below, with more ideas available online.