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Castle Acre Primary School

Friday 5th February


Spelling test today! post your result on class dojo once complete.


Mental/ Oral Starter

Attached below are some Multiplication and Division Challenges. Choose one that is suitable and complete. Don't forget to time yourself.

This Friday there are some fun maths games to play. All you need is a piece of paper ,pencil, a dice or digit cards 0-9  written on squares of small paper. One is a place value game the other is  mental addition with a twist. Please find the instructions attached below.


L.O: I can write a story in time order and using noun phrases

Can you remember what a  noun phrase is?  It means you use adjectives to describe. Page 2 of the story of The Pedlar of Swaffham uses a lot of noun phrases. Either underline or copy out all of the noun phrases you can see on page 2. Page 2 is attached as a worksheet below.  There is also another sheet attached to remind you of the work we have been doing on expanded noun phrases.  

Then write out your story from your plan.  Remember to use full stops, capital letters and adjectives. Year 3 try to use inverted commas.  We look forward to reading all your wonderful stories.  

When you have completed your story you may wish to draw a picture to go with it?


This week you are going to create your final masterpiece using the Pointillism technique.

Last week you experimented with different ways of creating a dotty effect and you decided which you would like to use. I have attached some examples of pictures that have been created using lots and lots of dots so you may want to use one of these pictures if you are struggling to think of your own design. Remember you might want to choose a small design as I’m sure you found it can take a very long time to create all those dots! We look forward to seeing your creations.


Have a look at the "Express Yourself" grid and choose your last activity for this week.  You might like to choose one from the last page of Additional ideas, for example the Lego Challenge or Masterchef!

Have fun!