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Narborough Primary Academy


At the Nar Valley Federation in Reception and Year 1, Geography is taught as part of half-termly integrated topics which may also include lessons covering science, history and RE.

In Years 2/3 the children begin to transition from integrated topics to units of learning which develop geographical knowledge, concepts and skills over a half-term.

In Years 4/5/6, the children study three units of geography per year: one focusing upon place knowledge, another on physical geography and the third an aspect of human geography. 

In all classes, we are developing the use an over-arching enquiry question to focus our learning in Geography.

The National Curriculum

The aims of teaching Geography are as follows:

  • To develop knowledge of the location of globally significant places.
  • Understand the processes that cause physical and human geographical features.
  • Learn how to collect, analyse and present a range of geographical data.
  • Understand a range of sources of geographical information (such as map reading).
  • Communicate geographical knowledge in a range of ways.