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Narborough Primary Academy

Monday 11th January


Mental oral starter

You will need a piece of paper and a pencil

Click on the web link and click on either level 1  addition  to practise your number bonds to 10 or 20 or level 2 addition to practise numbers to 100 ( tens ) or just number bonds to 100. Set the timer and see how quickly and accurately you can write down your answers. Don’t forget to keep your score.

Click on the video link below which refreshes strategies for adding 3   1 digit numbers in your head. 

You will need a piece of paper and a pencil.

After you have watched the video and completed the activities try playing this game. 

Either roll 3 dice or roll a dice 3 times. Or click her to use an interactive dice  (Just drag the green dice and or the numbered dice on to the screen three times .To spin the dice click the 2 dice at the side . )

See how quickly you can add up the numbers in your head using your knowledge of number bonds, doubles or near doubles. Try playing against someone in your family.

Extension: try rolling the dice 4 times and adding the numbers

Post a photo on dojo perhaps of you playing the game.


Grammar – Nouns

Today our focus will be revising nouns and we will continue to learn about nouns each day this week.  Please see the attached documents which has 3 different challenges for your child to choose from (1 easiest, 3 trickiest). 

BBC Bitsize video ‘What are nouns?’


Today’s challenge is can you compare 2 characters in a story you have read?  How are they similar?  How are they different?  How will you show this information?  You could make a table and list the information or you might draw the characters and write labels around them to show how they are similar or different?


Please practice the formation of the following letters remembering to whoosh in and out.

c o a g

Then have a go at joining the letters in the following words.

children      old     once      after    again


PE with Joe Wicks is back this week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am. Remember you don't have to complete it at this time.