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Narborough Primary Academy

Monday 1st February


Please find your new spelling sheets in the resources. Read the words and check you understand what they mean. Look at them carefully and write them out neatly. Don't forget to write at least one perfectly punctuated sentence too!

Here are the Spelling frame links if you would like to practise them online. 

Spelling frame links

Revision spellings –

Year 2 spellings –

Year 3 spellings -


Mental oral starter. 

Pay For It (

Pay for it -> choose a level you are comfortable with. if you find it easier, try a higher level.

Main activity. 

Y2  - Tally charts

You will need your pencil and paper throughout the video to complete the work. If you would like there is a worksheet with blank charts on to help. There is no follow up worksheet today.

Watch the video and pause where needed to complete the work.

Y3 - Recap of Tally charts

Watch the video. This is a recap of what was taught in Y2

For a simple counting and tallying activity choose the 1 star worksheet

For all of Year 3 I would like you to complete the worksheet that goes alongside the video. 

For those of you that understood the tallying  well and would like a further challenge you can have a go at the 3 star challenge worksheet.




Today we are going to learn to re-tell a story using the key events. 

Read the local story called the Pedlar of Swaffham.  Listen to Miss Mitchell reading the story and read along on the text at the same time. Here is the link

Vocabulary check – use a dictionary or ask an adult to find out what these words mean. Write the definitions in your book. If you find writing tricky you can just write out two definitions. 



-tramped and trudged 

- bustle 

What are the key events of the story?  Draw yourself a story map  (some easy pictures to remind yourself of what happens in the story)  and have a go at retelling the story to someone at home from the pictures. Send us a picture of your story map and we’d love to see videos of you retelling it on class dojo too. You can shorten the story into your own words. It’s about WHAT happens, not using the exact same words as Miss Mitchell read. 


We are going to try and answer questions about the text. These questions are about pages 1 to 3 of the story. All of the answers are in the text so you need to look carefully.  Skim and scan to find the right bit of the text with the answer. Remember look for the key word.


Choose an activity from the Children's Mental Health Week ideas. Choose something you feel will make you feel happy. 

Don't forget as it's PE day join in with Joe Wicks or ask your family if you can go out for a walk / scoot / cycle.