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Narborough Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together

Monday 23rd March - Friday 27th March 2020

Collective worship:

Please follow this link here to join us with our collective worship.  We will be updating this link daily to provide you and your children with time to reflect together.


We will be using White Rose maths to support our children's home learning.  This is something they will be familiar with and hopefully enable them to be more independent in what they are doing.  Please follow the link where you will find the resources needed, including a short video, and some explanatory notes..  Each day a new set of materials are published, including answers, so your child can use the pink pens to check their answers and then the green pens to edit and correct any mistakes.  If you click on the website page links you will be taken directly to the work. 

Obviously I am here to help with these where necessary, please just ask.

As part of our Maths learning we complete the Daily 10, something I know many of you do at home too!  This week our focus will continue to be multiplication and division facts.  Our Badgers are pretty super at knowing these ... so I look forward to hearing all about your achievements!  

Daily 10: Please click here to go direct to the Daily 10!

Year 3: Please click here to go direct to this week's White Rose maths learning for Year 3, focussing on fractions.  

Year 4: Please click here to go direct to this week's White Rose maths learning for Year 4, focussing on tenths and hundredths.



In class we have been studying James and the giant peach with the expectation that the children would be able to write their own 'missing chapter' from the book.  We will continue with this, by using the knowledge we have about the mini-beasts James was sharing his adventure with. Throughout the week we will be thinking about stories we have enjoyed reading and why we enjoyed them.  Tuesday we will complete an adventure story mountain planner for a story of your choice to begin to think about the essential ingredients needed to write our missing chapter.  Wednesday's English learning will be focussing on the use of comparatives and superlatives in the story.  You will be asked to identify and then apply these to the personalities and appearances of the mini-beasts, before generating your own to describe the two aunts; Sponge and Spiker!  Thursday's English learning will require you to have empathy with James and the mini-beasts as they begin their adventure.  You will need to reflect on the journey James has been on so far in his life, considering how his feelings and emotions have changed at different points.  Follow the prompts and tips on the sheet to help you!  The link to the film clip will also be posted on Dojo too, if this is your preferred method.  Friday's English learning is to begin to put together your ideas for the missing chapter from the story James and the Giant Peach!  There is another clip for you to view, using the link on the pdf or through dojo, the same as yesterday.  

This week we will be sharing an extract from the story as our reading activity, so I would like you to complete our usual Monday task of identifying the sounds in the chosen vocabulary attached below, and find some alternative words.  I will continue to update our dojo page with tips, advice and extension activities to support this.  Don't forget that this extract is what you will use throughout the week for your daily reading activity as we would do in class together.

Spellings: Follow the instructions on the powerpoint below with your child to explore the spelling rules for the suffixes less, ment, ful and ness. This is intended to be used throughout the week and so where possible ask your child to include these words in their everyday language so they become more familiar with their use.

Feelings Friday:  taking time out to reflect on your week through arts and crafts, sharing stories with each other and talking about our favourite bits!  I'm going to miss this time we spend together, however, I do look forward to seeing your creativity with our arts and craft activity below!  Enjoy your mindful picture, and remember to take time out for yourself to relax.