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Narborough Primary Academy

Monday 25th January


Please find the new spelling sheets in the resources section. Remember to write out the words and include them in sentences. If you haven't posted your spelling scores from last week please post your scores on Class Dojo when you get a minute.


During your daily reading this week we are going to try and improve our fluency skills. When you are reading your book, if you stumble over a word or need to sound it out always go back and re-read the sentence before moving onto the next one. If you are really struggling with a sentence ask your adult to read the sentence for you then you can read it back. 


Mental / Oral

Choose the times table you need to practise by clicking on the link below. Y2 choose from your 2, 5, 10 or 3 times table. Y3 if you are confident with the Y2 times tables please practise your 4 and 8 times table. 

Archery Arithmetic - Multiplication - Mathsframe

Main activity

Y2 - Dividing by 2

Watch the video.

Pause where needed to answer questions and parts of the worksheet. There is a challenge sheet if you wish to push yourself!

Y3 - Division with remainders

We are still focusing on division but this time with numbers that can't be shared or grouped equally, in other words they may be numbers left over. We call this division with remainders. Watch the video then have a go at answering the questions on the sheet in the resources. You can choose the 1 star or 2 star questions - both are written on the same sheet. The document has lines drawn out on the second page for those of you who do not wish to draw out your own. Here is the video link


This week we are looking at writing a descriptive piece of writing. 

Learning objectives: To use a comma between adjectives. To understand what an expanded noun phrase is. 

First look at the powerpoint which explains what an expanded noun phrase is.  

NB The powerpoint also refers to preposition phrases. At this stage only Y3 need to know about prepositions. Prepositions are linking words in a sentence. Prepositions tell us where something is (for example, beside, under, on, against, beneath or over) or when something is happening (for example: until, during, after, before or more specifically 'on Christmas Day', 'at twelve o'clock' or 'in August'). 

Now watch this video 

Then watch this video 

Complete task 1 in the attachments. Write some descriptive phrases for each picture of Dave and his cave. Remember to use an adjective between 2 commas. 

Then complete task 2. Think about starting with a noun and gradually adding more layers of detail


Don't forget to have a go at the PE challenges that were put on here last week. If you have already had a go you could always keep practising to see if you can improve your score. Please upload your scores by Wednesday this week so I can send off the results in time to get the children's certificates. Join in with the Joe Wicks PE session or have a go at a cosmic yoga session.