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Castle Acre Primary School

Monday 27th April 2020

Hi everyone! I hope you had a glorious weekend and are ready for another week of learning! This week we are going on an adventure! Make sure you check back each day to find out where we are heading and what we will be doing! 

Remember to upload at least 3 pieces of your fantastic work on Class Dojo for me to see! I've uploaded a 'how to' video on the class story in case you're not sure how to upload to the portfolio! 




This week we are going on an adventure! Take a look at the adventure clues at the bottom of the page!

What impression of the place we are heading do you get from the photos? What might you need to pack?

Draw pictures of the things you might need to pack in your suitcase and have a go at labelling the items too.


Have a go at this game: and click on the 'Find a Number' section. Listen to the number being read out and see if you can find the number to save the people! 

This week in Maths, we are going to be learning about Positional Language (here are some examples).

FREE Positional Language Cards printable Early Years/EY (EYFS ...

For today's task, experiment with positional language by using a cup and a small toy. Move the toy around the cup and tell an adult where the toy is compared to the cup, like this: 

Prepositions: Vocabulary for Beginning Readers | Teaching ...


Here's a clue into where we are travelling on our adventure! The island is found in the Caribbean! It takes 11 hours to fly there. 

Can you make your own aeroplane – it could be a model out of Lego or a craft aeroplane! Could you draw a sky scene for your aeroplane to fly through to travel to its destination?

Here are some ideas! See if you can change the way you attach pieces together! (Sellotape, glue, folding etc.)

I'd love to see your models on Tapestry too!

Year 1


Today we are going to be looking at alternative spellings for the a particular  phoneme. See if you can guess what the phoneme is by reading these words:

cat, lick, kit, box, school, fox, queen

It’s the… ‘c’ phoneme! Can you add sound buttons to each of the words and see if there are any tricky parts of the spellings.

Practise writing these sentences which have the ‘c’ phoneme in:

The quick fox kicks like a cat. 

A box of cookies is quite cool. 

Can a skunk quack like a duck?


This week we are going on an adventure! Here are some clues of where we are heading!

What impression of the place we are heading do you get from the photos? What might you need to pack?

Make a list of the items you think we might need to pack, use the word ‘because’ to explain why you think you might need that item.


Have a go a this maths game clicking on the 'Count On & Back' level.

This week, we are going to be learning about Position and Direction. Today we are going to remind ourselves what 'turns' are. 

Draw four arrows on a piece of paper and lay them on the floor like a compass pointing out.

Each of these arrows represents a turn. Place a toy in the middle of the four arrows and turn your toy to face each of the arrows. Each turn we call a ‘quarter turn’, similar to quarter past on a clock.

A half turn is two quarter turns, like this: 

To practise, have a go at drawing each of the pictures a quarter and half turn in the activity sheet attached below. Then have a go at the activity sheet named Describing Turns.


Here's a little clue about where we are travelling to, the island is in the Caribbean! The Caribbean has lots of little islands in it, have a go at labelling each of them in the activity attached. 

This link might be of some help: