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Castle Acre Primary School

Monday 6th July



Please practise daily and use in a sentence to show your understanding of the words

Gryffindor /Ravenclaw

Click on the link and go to Year 3  Spelling Rule 4 (Prefixes) to find the list and the daily games


Click on the link and go to Year 2 Spelling Rule 33 ( Common Exception Words) to find the list and the daily games

English for all

Throughout the week,each day  you will be given a link to listen to a story from the African continent . Can you identify the message of each story?

Today watch or read ‘The Ugly Five’ by Julia Donaldson. Here is the link to a video if you do not have the story at home-

Activity 1

Imagine that the title of the book was ‘The Ugly Six’. your task is to create a new page for the  book  with a detailed illustration/picture  of a sixth African animal. 

Then create a 4 to 6 lined description of your animal similar to the ones in the book to go with your drawing.

To start off think of different  adjectives to describe your animal.

How does it move?

What might it sound like?

Look back at the story for ideas. Here is one example from the book about ' The Hyena' :

How do you do? I’m the spotted hyena.

Who could be uglier? Who could be meaner?

My mane is all spiky, my  skin is all spotty

No other creature could look quite so grotty

My voice is a mixture of giggles and groans

And I like nothing better than crushing on bones.

Finally you might want to try and make it rhyme.


Mental Maths


Year 2: ÷ 2, 5 and 10

Year 3 : ÷ 3,4 and 8

This week Year 3 the focus is Mass

Year 3 Lesson 1 Measure Mass

Click on the link below and watch the video.

Complete the Year 3 Lesson 1 sheet for all ‘Measure Mass

Extension: Choose a Year 3 Lesson 1 Measure Mass extension Challenges with answers

This week Year 2 the focus is Capacity, Temperature and Time

Year 2 Lesson 1 ‘Litres’

Click on the video link below and watch the video

Complete the Year 2 sheet for all ‘ Litres’

Extension: Choose one of the Year 2 Litres Extension Challenges with answers


Food chains Learn all about food chains in this bbc bite size lesson by clicking on the link below. Have a go at the different activities as well.