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Narborough Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together


Here at the Nar Valley Federation we aim to enjoy music as much as possible.

We all enjoy listening to music every day as we enter and leave our daily collective worship as well as singing during each worship.  We also sing as much as possible in class - especially in our early year’s classrooms - and of course we undertake a range of music units, as well as offering peripatetic music lessons to those children/parents that wish to take this option (ukelele, violin etc.)

At present the teaching of music at each of our 3 sites is by the class teacher, using a range of available resources (online access to specialised music lessons are provided via Collins Connect/Music Express and the Norfolk music hub).  The aim is to complete at least 3 half term units per year, to develop a progression of key skills, whilst linking to class topics where possible.

As a Federation we a have a range of resources/instruments at each site - that can be shared as needed.

In the words of a very famous song..."music makes the world go round"...and it definitely brightens our lives here in the Nar Valley.

We believe that.......

  • Music is a subject that helps to develop creativity, imagination, good listening skills, constructive criticism and the ability to express personal thoughts and feelings.
  • Music develops children’s ability to take part in practical activities, both individually and in groups.
  • We aim to encourage and cultivate an enjoyment of different musical cultures, historical settings, styles and genres.
  • Via our Music curriculum we aim to provide breadth and balance with a relevant, engaging and differentiated programme that matches needs and abilities.

Overall, we hope to develop an enjoyment of learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion. To build confidence and competence in the skills of speaking and listening, constructive feedback and sharing of practical work: and to encourage an understanding and appreciation of different types of music from around the world.

Useful websites:         Some elements of this are free to use for parents/chldren                                A fun set of games linked to classical music     A list of music based sites for children     more music games   archived bbc resources      more musical fun   make your own music    BBC radio music programmes for children, with FUN songs and stories to learn.