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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together

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7th October 2015

This week is all about Parents Briefings, an opportunity for parents to come in to school to find out about updates in the Federation, ask questions and share their views. 

I was overwhelmed by the turn out at Castle Acre today where there was standing room only in the library! A very positive and open meeting and thanks to all who came.
For those unable to make one of the sessions, a summary will be sent home at the end of the week.

Mrs Scott

25th September 2015

I find it hard to believe we are almost a month into the new school year, where has the time gone? Gradually I am getting to know the children and parents and I have been impressed by the amount of fantastic learning taking place across the federation. I have seen children grow in confidence as they learn new methods in maths and work with larger numbers, detailed pieces of homework which have clearly taken a great deal of thought and effort and some really powerful descriptive language used in a range of English lessons.

Presenting certificates to children in our weekly  ‘Celebration Assemblies’ has been a favourite of mine, seeing the children’s successes shared with the whole school. I have enjoyed leading Collective Worship in all schools as well as watching the children’s Collective Worship which takes place each week across the federation. Our first Harvest Festival Service was a success and thank you to all who donated food items. It was wonderful to see all children taking part, sharing art work, poetry and thoughts about what Harvest means to them. 

Mrs Scott

27th August 2015

As the end of August fast approaches, I am sure we are all starting to think about the start of the new school year and with that comes a range of feelings and emotions. There can often be a sense of apprehension; maybe due to a change in class or teacher or just an uncertainty of the year ahead. I try to channel this feeling and make it into a positive – an opportunity to try new things and learn new skills and I am sure there will be lots of ‘firsts’ for all of us. (One of mine is getting to grips with writing a blog!)

Personally I am very excited about the new school year and joining this fantastic Federation. I am looking forward to working with the great team of staff we now have in place and getting to know the children and families across the schools.

Working in partnership with parents is extremely important to me and I believe is a strong part of building a successful school, so please do remember that our doors are always open and if you have a concern or question, talk to us as soon as you are able to.

I hope to have met all the children and many of the parents too, within the first week or so of the term and will try to keep this blog updated on a regular basis to update you with all the exciting learning opportunities taking place across the Federation. 

Mrs Scott

8th June 2015

What an amazing week back for our final half term!

Last week there were many exciting projects going on - but a couple of these really stood out.

I was invited to be a dragon!!  The children in Sporle's Typhoon class invited me to ask for money to support their business ideas.  The class had really focused on the task and each group proudly presented a business plan to me (and 2 other dragons!).  It was really impressive how much thought had gone into the presentations and I look forward to seeing how the successful the products are!  (Especially as I stand to get a return of about £100 profit if all goes well!!).   

Secondly the amazing 'Den Day' at Castle Acre!  It was a joy to end the week looking around the field to see a selection of handmade dens.  The children had worked hard in small teams to create a shelter.  These kind of days are so memorable and such a delight to see - but they only happen if you are lucky enough to have a hard working dedicated team of adults - thank you Castle Acre team!

I can't wait to see what this week brings.

Mrs Stabler



7th May 2015

I don't know how many times I have felt amazed by the children in our Federation.  Whether it is walking past classrooms, catching a glimpse of a PE lesson, hearing about somebody getting a golden ticket or even the joy in witnessing the start of a new skill - like learning violins!?!  (With such a fantastic teacher, I am sure they will get there!).

A clear focus for all the staff in the schools, is to improve the children's behaviour and attitude towards their learning.  We are currently trying to focus on praising the things which are going well and to encourage the children to take responsibility of their learning.  It is very easy to give up or lose motivation - I only have to look at the half finished projects around my home!  But to reflect on what we have learnt and what can be improved on, take these views and make ourselves go back and complete a job or redo a task is pretty demanding - yet that is the attitude we are striving to develop in every classroom.  So, as an Acting Headteacher (and as a mum) I guess I ought to pick up on one of those unfinished jobs and take a new look at it - who knows I might even finish it!!

Mrs Stabler