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Castle Acre Primary School

Project for this week : Peru

The project for this week is: Peru – South American Animals and Habitats.

Year 2 /3

Useful Vocabulary:

bear, spectacled, Andean, habitat, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, mammal, amphibian, reptile, endangered, extinction

Task 1-Start by listening to the beginning of the story, ‘A Bear Called Paddington’. You could break this up into different parts to spread it out-

Chapter 1-

Chapter 2-

Chapter 3-

Chapter 4-


Task 2-Imagine you are Paddington and you want to send a postcard to Aunt Lucy telling her all about life in London.

If you aren’t sure what the London Underground is or what it looks like, this is a good webpage to use:

You need to tell Aunt Lucy that you have arrived safely, where you are staying and what London is like.Plan your postcard using the following prompts-

*How did you meet the Browns?

*Who are the Browns? (their names and a bit about them)

*What happened when you had your first bath?

*What food have you eaten?

*What was your trip like on the underground?

*What happened to you at Barkridges?

*Don’t forget to be polite and ask how Aunt Lucy is or a ‘wish you were here’, for example.

Think of some ways to start your sentences so that it sounds like Paddington is talking to Aunt Lucy e.g. “You’ll never believed what happened…

As you write your postcard, keep reading it aloud and looking for any mistakes or parts you could improve.

Task 3: Think of some ways you could describe the Browns. Write them all down as you think of them. Group the adjectives together (kind, welcoming, smiling).


Task 4: This is an escalator, it is a bit like moving stairs which go up and down in some underground stations like Paddington Station and some big shops like Primark in Kings Lynn . List some adjectives to describe it.



Task 5:Collect adjectives for each of the people and places shown in the boxes opposite.