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Narborough Primary Academy

Religious Education

As a Federation of church schools Religious Education (RE) underpins all that we do. The beliefs and values it communicates inspire and unite every aspect of school life.  As well as being taught as a distinct subject, RE permeates all aspects of the curriculum as we aim to promote the spiritual, cultural, moral, physical and intellectual development of our children. RE has particularly close links with the PATHS system that we teach.  PATHS (Promoting Alternative THinking Strategies) teaches social and emotional learning and involves helping children to recognise emotions and values; make constructive choices about personal and social behaviour; and show understanding and empathy for others.  

Our Collective Worship  is Christian in content; encourages the worship of God and allows time for guidance leading to positive thought and development on spiritual, moral, social and emotional issues.  It also offers an opportunity for quiet reflection and exploration of self.

RE is taught across the Federation in accordance with the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus.  This syllabus places the emphasis upon an enquiry based approach to learning about the different world religions, beliefs, values and traditions whilst children explore their own faiths.  As Church Schools however there is an emphasis on teaching Christianity.

We have close links with our local churches and local church groups and regular visits are made to the schools by Canon Stuart Nairn and Vicar Rev Janet Allan. More information about our local church can be found here

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from collective worship.  Any parent or carer who wishes to discuss our RE curriculum or our acts of collective worship please make an appointment to speak with the Head Teacher.