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Castle Acre Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together


Monday 30th March 2020


 Using Top Marks select any of the times tables activities to complete.

Today you are going to undertake an activity and then create a line graph to display your results. Remember you need a title for your graph. You need to label the X axis (horizontal) and the y axis (vertical)

Think carefully what jumps you want in numbers on the y axis and write each activity on the x axis by turning the book round to write downwards.

This is the activity:

For 1 minute each time see how many:

Star jumps


Press ups

Knee high jogging

Jumping on the spot

That you can do in the time given – record these and then create your graph using the data.

Then explain why you think the activity that came out with the highest count did so, and the same for the lowest amount.

Complete this in your maths book. 


Red – CGP Workbook pg 8-9 – pronouns

Green – CGP Workbook pg 9/11 – adverbs

Blue – CGP Workbook  SET A 2 p6-9


This is a 3-day mini project on renewable energy – it links to our science this term on Electricity.

You will be creating a fact file providing information on:

  1. Hydropower
  2. Solar Power
  3. Wind Power

This will be in the format of a fact file. You will need to include:

General information as to what it is, the advantages and disadvantages, include diagrams, bullet points (remember the rules for using these), illustrations.

At the end I would like you to give your opinion as to which one you would choose and why.

You can find info for each renewable on any of these sites.

I have heard through another member of staff that David Walliams is putting up a reading each day for children. This is the link I was sent.

Friday 27th March 2020

Well done everyone, children and parents alike, we have got to the end of the first week – hopefully it hasn’t been too traumatic!

Here are today’s tasks:

Maths – Complete your torture square and stick it in your maths book.

Maths CGP book – Red pg9 – 1000 more or less. Green pg9 – Counting in powers of 10. Blue – pg5 Roman Numerals.


Red – CGP Workbook p7 adverbs

Green – CGP Workbook p8 adjectives

Blue – CGP Workbook p5 only of SET A


Using ‘Top Marks’ follow the link

Choose ‘Creepy verbs and adverbs in Super Stories’ choose 1 page to rewrite improving the text with a range of verbs, adjectives and adverbs.


Create a poster using facts and drawings about Sir Francis Drake, the great explorer

If you would like to read 'First News' see the attachment below.

Have a great weekend.



I would just like to say, that as a thank you to all key workers in this tricky time nationwide, a call has gone out for everyone to either stand on their doorstep or lean out of a window  at 8pm this evening and clap - I'm going to, if you are up and can do the same, it might be a lovely thing to do.

Thursday 26th March 2020

My actual brain has engaged now so I will be putting the new days tasks at the top of this page!

It has been lovely to hear from some of you through Class Dojo. Keep safe, well and happy.

Go onto this web page and choose a table/s to practise, scroll down there are various games that you can play to develop instance recall.

Using the 'Top Marks' website as before:

Daily 10 – Choose partitioning   - Error here choose an area of choice for today - will sort it!

Red – level 3/4, Green Level 5, Blue Level 6, Record with the date in your maths book

Maths CGP Workbook

Red pg8 –  Place value and partitioning

Green – pg8 – ordering and comparing big numbers

Blue – pg 4 – Negative numbers


Red – CGP Workbook pg 6 - verbs

Green – CGP Workbook pg 6/7 modal verbs

Blue – CGP Workbook p4 only of SET A


Continuation of your biography


Research and make notes about Sir Francis Drake ready for Friday’s task.