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Castle Acre Primary School

Science and Geography project work

Science/ Geography:

Find Peru on a map, an atlas or a globe. Can you find Lima where Aunt Lucy lives with the retired bears?

Activity 1

Year 2/3 :Use books and the internet to research the Spectacled Bear (Andean Bear). You could use the headings below as a guide to create a fact file about the bear.

Habitat- A description or a picture to show where Spectacled Bears live. 

Picture/ photo- What does the bear look like?

Interesting fact- Draw or write something interesting about this animal.

Eats- What do Spectacled Bears eat? Are they carnivores, herbivores or omnivores?

Animal: Are they a bird, mammal, fish, reptile or amphibian?

Extension for  Year 3 or any Year 2 who would like to complete it - Research how the Spectacled Bears  adapt to their  environment?

Resources and links you could use-

A National Geographic Video- Click on the link



Activity 2

Year 2 and 3

Endangered Bears-Find out about the Spectacled Bear (Andean Bear), Panda and Polar Bear, where they can be found in the world? Use an atlas, a globe or the world map attached to the resources.

Find out why the bears are endangered. What is being done to stop them from becoming extinct? You can choose how to present your findings. You might-

*Do a PowerPoint

* Present your findings to your family or send us a video via Class Dojo

* Make a colourful poster

You decide!


We will be learning more about more endangered animals in Week 5.

Take a photo for your project – send the photo in and we can make a gallery on the website.