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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together


Morning Woodpeckers. 

Hope you are all well and safe. 

Reading: please complete one comprehension (text with questions) from your pack or alternatively read for 10 minutes and write a summary for me here. We will have our group zooms this afternoon. 


Year 2: please revise some of your common exception words

Year 3 please revise words ending in -ure


English : Today we are going to be planning our letter. 

Plan a letter to either a policeman or  a football coach. If you want to go for gold and some extra dojos , you could write a letter to both.

Download the planning template.

Remember section 1 be super polite to the person and ask them very nicely. Introduce yourself.

Section 2 ask questions about what they had to do to get their job eg was there a special task?

Section 3: Ask more about what the most exciting parts are.



All year groups please watch: 

Then download the worksheet below and sort the shapes 



We are learning all about the Earth's rivers.  You will need a pencil and  a piece of paper