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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together


Morning all,

Read: please read for 10 to 15 minutes and then choose from either writing a character description, summarising what they read or writing  a book review. 




Today we are writing a description of a boat in a storm. Download the powerpoint to see what it has to contain. 

Then AFTER you have looked at the powerpoint, have a watch of Miss Behan explaining the task.

Then in your books write a description of what you can see happening in the photo. Remember to use lots of detail and adjectives and commas. The photo is in the powerpoint.


Year 2 : watch this video on dividing using equal grouping.

Then download the worksheet below. 

Year 3: watch this video on dividig using equal grouping. 

Then download the worksheet below.


log on to language nut using your login that Miss Clifton gave you. 

MUSIC : watch this video here to learn all about pulse. All you need is some energy and either a clapping hand or you can click if you know how to.