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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together


Morning Woodpeckers. 

Happy Tuesday! 

READ : read your same books on Oxford Owl as yesterday. 

Challenge.  Pick three words you aren't sure of the meaning of and write these down with definitions.  Then tell me , is it a fiction or non fiction book and how do you know? What features does it have? 


L.O: I can correctly recognise past and present tense

Have a look at the powerpoint explaining past and present tense

Tense tells you when something is happening. Did it happen in the past? Is it happening now? Or is it going to happen?

We have a problem. Someone made a mistake and when writing the story they kept going to present tense by-accident. Download the sheet below. Your challenge is to help them by re-writing the first page in all PAST TENSE. Use your most beautiful handwriting. When you come to a verb you know is wrong, change it to the past tense. Eg John and his dog lives  should  be ‘John and his dog lived’..


The story of the Pedlar Of Swaffham is well known in Norfolk and there really was a man named John Chapman. Little signs of the story are hidden all over Swaffham. There is a picture of John on the town cross sign to Swaffham and in the church there is a pew belonging to John Chapman and there is also a wooden carving of a man (John Chapman) holding his pack and a dog. Research these on the internet to see if you can find the pictures of what these look like and send them to us.


L.O: to learn how to use pictograms 

Year 2  watch this video 

Year 3 watch this video

Then download the worksheets below and complete 


RE :  Christian Symbols

This week we will be finding out what symbols are; to understand that some symbols belong to religions and to identify some Christian symbols and learn about their significance.

Please look at the powerpoint and then choose some activities from the choice below. 



  • Design your own symbols to represent important things in your lives including people, pets, hobbies or faiths.
  • Look at the Christian symbols word mat and copy the symbols and write a little about why they are important to Christians. 
  • Choose one symbol and represent it through art.  You may scrunch paper up and stick it onto an outline of a cross.  You may make a dove with moving wings.  You might make the outline of the fish with pipe-cleaners or rolled out pieces of playdough/plasticine.  I am sure you will have many more creative ideas than these!