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Sporle Primary Academy

Thursday 11th & Friday 12th

Good morning, Kingfisher class. For the next two days, to encourage you to come away from screens and devices, you have an art project as your home learning.

- Choose your animal and spend some time researching it. Write a few sentences and draw a quick sketch.

- Zoom in on your animal's skin. What colour is it? What patterns are there? Look closely at the detail. Decide what medium you are using eg paint /crayons/ pencils or oil pastels and try mixing different shades of orange or yellow etc for a tiger or different shades of blue or green for a dragon. Look at the real colours. Most animals aren't bright yellow or blue straight out of a pot.

- Then, have a go at drawing a 10cm by 10cm square and fill it in with a close up of your animal's skin. We want to see the details eg fur, scales.

- Then, zoom in on your animal's eye. Can you get the detail of where the light is shining on the eye? Create an image and colour it in and send to us on dojo.

- Then, finally fill a whole sheet of paper by drawing your animal's whole body full size and carefully colour in.

Looking forward to seeing your art!

Please continue to practise your spellings, whether it is writing them in the snow or using art equipment.

Pleasse also continue to practise your timestables on either topmarks, watching youtube song videos or quizzing people at home.