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Castle Acre Primary School

Thursday 16th July

Just a couple more days to go....keep can do it!


Click on year 3 & 4 Spelling rule 5 (prefixes)

Click on Year 2 Spelling Rule 34 (common exception words)

English – All

  1. Continue with the next 2 pages of your booklet about yourself.
  2. Continue to work upon and adapt/improve your animal project.

Project Info for you, if you have not yet looked:


Multiplication practise for all – make sure you are on the correct tab/page (5-7 or 7-11)

and/or continued use/practise of:

y2 =

y3  =


Y2 = Time

I got a little carried away last week – and gave what IS this week’s from WHITE ROSE maths as an extension on Friday!

1st – watch the video:

Compare durations of time =

If you have not done the sheet below, please do now.

However, if you have done it already – practise MORE time games please…to develop your skills.

Y3 = Bar charts

  1. 1st watch the video

  1. Then please complete the sheet below

Art ideas:

Andy Warhol and the FUN to be had with POP ART and printing.


Practise pulse and rhythm