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Narborough Primary Academy

Thursday 21st January


Mental oral starter:

Y2 Practise your 10 times table by clicking on this game -Super Maths Bowling - Multiplication - Mathsframe

One player -> short game -> 10 x table.

Y3 Focus : Division

Remember division is the inverse or opposite of multiplication. Therefore if you can recall multiplication facts quickly you should be able to recall division facts.

For example:   6 x 2 = 12     2 x 6 = 12         12 ÷ 2 = 6        12 ÷ 6 = 2

Refresh your memory if you need to using the following website:

Then to extend yourself try recalling division facts using the following website:

Main activity:

Y2  Watch the video and pause where needed to answer the questions or complete the worksheet. There is a choice of 1 star and 2 star work sheets and an additional challenge worksheet if you really want to push yourself after.

Y3 - Today our focus is division which is the inverse of multiplication. We shall be using the method of partitioning or splitting the 2-digit number to help us divide. Click on the link below and watch the video. Pause the video at certain points to answer the questions. The video is linked to the 3 Star Challenge. There are 2 other challenges attached below which maybe more suitable for your child.


Daily spellings and reading practise

Grammar and writing

Today you are going to practise using your knowledge of verbs and adverbs when writing sentences. Have a look at the adverb sheet attached and choose one to do. The first sheet is very tricky so you might want to choose the second or third challenge. Remember you only need to do one challenge sheet.

Tomorrow we will be writing a set of instructions.  Your challenge today is to choose an activity to do at home and write yourself some notes that will help you write your instructions tomorrow. So for example you could make a sandwich, make a craft activity, play a game or it could even be something as simple as getting up in the morning. What will someone need? What did you do in what order? What adverbs will someone need? You don't have to write the instructions today - you are just writing some key words and phrases to help you remember ready to write them tomorrow. You could even draw some simple pictures to help you.

RE  -  Enquiry Question:  How do Christians belong to their faith family?

Week 2 – Baptism

Following on from last week, did you get time to think about what a faith family is or what it might look like?

Christians belong to a faith family.  Can you think of any special places Christians might go to?  What do they do when they get there? 

Do they take part in special occasions/events?  I.e. christenings/baptisms, weddings, funerals, harvest, Christingle, Easter etc) 

Today we are going to explore what happens during a Christian Baptism/Christening.

If you are able to, please watch the BBC video clips below.  


Draw or print the cross (see attachments) and inside it write examples of when Christians get together.  You could draw/print another cross and write about what happens during a christening/baptism or you may prefer to write it as a paragraph?  Could you include the following words - godparents, vicar, font, candle, prayer, water?