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Narborough Primary Academy

Thursday 28th January

Good morning,


Today you might like to practise your spellings and test yourselves using the Spelling frame website. Although there is a subscription you can still use the segmenting and practise / test option for free.

Revision spellings

Year 2 spellings–el-at-the-end-of-words

Year 3 spellings

Reading / Story time

Listen to the story time video on Class Dojo. Then choose a book that you enjoy and read a few pages. Can you imagine you are one of the characters and change your voice and expressions on your face to be like the character?


Mental / Oral

Super Maths Bowling - Multiplication - Mathsframe

1 player -> short game -> Choose the multiplication you need to practise.

Main activity: 

Y2 - Divide by 10 Watch the video.

Pause the video where needed to answer questions and complete the worksheet.

There is also a challenge sheet if you want to push yourself.

Y3 - Scaling 

Today we are learning about scaling. We can scale things up or down. So, for example if you were to look at a map of Narborough it would be scaled down as Narborough is too big to draw a map of. If you were baking cakes and the recipe was for 8 cakes but you wanted more cakes you would the scale the recipe up. Watch the video and complete the worksheet in the resources to help you learn more about scaling.



Your challenge is to write a paragraph describing your jungle picture from yesterday. 

Today’s challenge however is to use a variety of different sentence openers so you don’t always start your sentences with the word 'the'. 

Download the word mat to help you with some ideas of sentence openers. See if you can not use the word THE. 

Eg In the distance, a brightly coloured, feathered bird fluttered through the green leaves. 


For the next few weeks we will be learning about 'Healthy Living'. The children will :

  • find out about and describe the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival (water, food and air) 
  •    describe the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene.

Today the children will be recapping what animals need to survive and then go on a 'Living Thing Scavenger Hunt'. 

If you wish there is also a challenge sheet to complete!