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Castle Acre Primary School

Thursday 2nd July

Here is day 4 of our "sea creatures" project - enjoy.


Continue practising your spellings for this week and complete the next activity linked to rules 17/32


Today you are ALL continuing to work upon the amazing David Attenborough.

Revisit some of the David Attenborough clips from yesterday....remember, David Attenborough is narrating (the voice telling you about the animals).

The fish that uses tools

Orca hunting herring

Clownfish teamwork

Portuguese man o war

Or select your own (there are loads to choose from)

Notice how each clip tells a story of that particular animal….

Your mission is to choose a sea creature (fish, mammal, mollusc…) and to create a narrative about that sea creature in the style of blue planet. You will need to find out facts about your sea creature first (appearance, size, diet, how it moves, how it is adapted to live in the sea, behaviour). You will then need to decide what you want to tell the audience about your animal.

This could be you describing your sea creature (what it looks like, what it eats)

 AND describing an aspect of the behaviour of your sea creature (e.g. hunting for food)

You can write, perform your narrative to your family, record your narrative and upload it to dojo…the choice is yours.

You may wish to use a video clip that you have found to provide your own narration, or produce some art work to go with your ‘story.’


1. Multiplication practise for all as ever....make sure you are on the correct page for your age...

Year 2 the one in the link below.

Year 3 = click the link then go to the 7-11 page.

2. Year 2 maths:

Today your challenge is to recap measuring in millilitres (remember, 1000ml = 1L)

with an extension looking at litres.

1st watch the video, then complete the sheet or sheets that you can from below.

3. Year 3 maths:

Today you are working upon TIME, with 5 minute interval problems for all and an extension of sheet of singular minute intervals.

Watch your video, then complete the sheet/sheets that you can.


This will need to be continued into it is a BIG job, that could take even longer if you really GO FOR IT.

1. Create your own underwater world using a box.




Create a 3D model of your chosen sea creature out of salt dough, clay or fabric.