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Castle Acre Primary School

Thursday 9th July

English – FOR ALL…African animals


Continue with your words for this week….

Gryffindor /Ravenclaw : disappoint disagree disobey  inactive incorrect illegal illegible immature immortal imperfect impossible impatient

Click on the link and go to Spelling Rule 4 to find the list and the daily games

Slytherin/Hufflepuff : eye could plant hour move prove improve  sure  should  would  Christmas

Click on the link and go to Spelling Rule 33 to find the list and the daily games

English - ALL

Throughout the week you have been listening to one story from the African continent each day. REMEMBER, can you identify the message of each story?

Listen to today’s story - The clever monkey- which is from West Africa

Watch the video and then draw a story board to retell the story. You can either add text below each picture, or use speech bubbles to turn your story board into a cartoon/mini graphic novel!


Multiplication practise for all – make sure you are on the correct tab/page (5-7 or 7-11)

and/or continued use of:

Y2 = time

Quarter past/to, extension 5 min intervals

Watch the video, then complete the sheets that feel confident to try.

Y3 = capacity, extension = comparing capacity

As per Y2 - watch the video, then complete what you can.  

Topic –

Africa = extension tasks  - try at least 1

  1. Click on the link below to learn more about the diverse continent of Africa. Can you create a short quiz to test your family?

  1. Countries of Africa game. This is hard! How many countries within Africa can you locate?
  2. You will need a labelled map of Africa open in another window to check/search (of an atlas if you have one).

Art ideas: (optional)

Create an African landscape- you could make a model, draw, paint, use pastels- be as adventurous as you like…as ever, check online for INSPIRATION!


Music (optional)

Why singing makes us FEEL GOOD