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Sporle Church of England Primary Academy

Better Together

Tuesday, 12th January

Happy Tuesday, Kingfishers.

Spellings: ‘sure’ or ‘ture’

Practice spelling words containing the ‘sure’ or ‘ture’ suffixes (see slide 6 of the powerpoint for some ideas). Please don’t do them all at once, 10 is plenty.

Quick Write: 2A sentences

Use the powerpoint below to write sentences using 2 adjectives to describe each noun.

Hint: the ‘sick’ sentences don’t contain any adjectives yet!


Start with completing any sheet of your chosing from your timestables booklet in your home learning packs. Then, watch the following video and click on the sheet down below with questions on - similarly to yesterday, pick the ones that you feel most confident with.



These interactive lessons are from the natural curriculum website. Clicking on the links will take you to the relevant webpage.  The children need to work through each of the 4 parts (see the tabs at the bottom…1- Learning objective, 2- The Grammar bit, 3- Whiteboard challenge, 4- Writing ideas..) There is a downloadable worksheet on the writing ideas page for children to complete. This can be printed for children to work on, or alternatively children could write their answers on paper/in a book.

Show your teacher how you got on by uploading a photo/screenshot of your work to your profile on class dojo.

Year 4 and year 5: Exciting sentence openers


History: Who was Julius Caesar?

Using the link below, can you find out some information about Julius Caesar? Who was he? Why was he important? Why do we remember him? Write down any interesting facts and share them with me via Class Dojo. You can present your information in any way that you wish and even complete the quiz on the DKFindOut website.