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Narborough Primary Academy

Tuesday 12th January


Mental oral starter

Today we will be practising our tables 

Click on the link and then click on the multiplication truck. Choose one or two  tables you are unsure of and practise it

Main activity

Today you are going to try and use your knowledge of number bonds, doubles and near doubles to help you try and work out some addition calculations. A few of the calculations you might be able to do in your head by holding your working out in your memory.

For some of you and for some of the calculations you will need to use a written method. This could be in the form of partitioning, drawing a number line or column addition. It is important you choose a method that suits you but we must also learn all the different strategies. If you are unsure you can watch the maths videos I have recorded - I will put the links onto Class Dojo.

Please download the maths calculations that are suitable for you. If you find them too easy, choose a trickier sheet. I have numbered the sheets starting from 1 being the easiest with the level of difficulty increasing as the numbers get higher.


Daily reading for 5 - 10 minutes. There is an extra reading activity on the English information sheet attached.

Grammar and Handwriting - see English information sheet. You can choose to follow the activities on the BBC Bitesize lesson or you can choose one of the compound worksheets attached

Writing task: please see English information sheet

Topic - Geography

We are going to be learning lots of Geography skills through the unit called Villages, Towns and Cities.

Our first lesson is called Where are the world’s people? You can start the lesson by clicking on the link below. You will only need paper, a pencil and your brain for the lesson. The lesson is about 35 minutes long so you may want to pause it half way along for a short movement break and to give your eyes a rest from looking at a screen. The lesson is supposed to start with a quiz however at the time of watching the lesson I could only find the quiz at the end so please do not worry about the quiz at the start. Enjoy your lesson with Mr Hutchinson!