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Narborough Primary Academy

Tuesday 19th January


Please see the Y3 Maths folder and Y2 Maths resources in the attachments below.


This week we will be learning about writing effective instructions. We will be working towards writing our own at the end of the week

We will begin by looking at what a good set of instructions should contain. Read the powerpoint to look at what a set of instructions should contain. 


Today we will be reminding ourselves about imperative verbs. Watch the BBC Bitesize video clip and join in with the activities if you wish.

Then choose to complete one of the worksheets from the resources. I would suggest that most of Year 2 can have a go at the 2 star sheet and Year 3 can do the 3 star sheet (they are all on the same attachment). You can copy out the imperative verbs and sentences neatly into your book.


With the busy time we had in school leading up to Christmas, we did not complete our learning about The ShangDynasty.  Therefore, over the next few weeks, we will be learning about what life was like in China at the time of the Shang Dynasty. 

For each lesson you will only need some paper and a pencil to write with.

This is a short animated video introducing the basic facts about the Shang Dynasty which introduces the topic quite nicely.

Lost Lands : The Shang Dynasty

Resources needed for each lesson : pencil ,ruler, paper and a bar of soap for lesson 5

Lesson 1 Click on the link below to start the video

How do we know about the Shang Dynasty?

Activities: - (choose 1 activity)

Can you write a story using the Ancient Chinese characters?

Can you write a sentence about each of the 3 artefacts that have been found from the Shang Dynasty? Can you remember what they were for and what they made from?