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Castle Acre Primary School

Tuesday 19th May

Today's Spellings

Remember to put each one into a sentence.If you are unsure of the meaning try using a dictionary.

Gryffindor/ Ravenclaw: knowledge extreme peculiar  position  mention

Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff : jar magic race ice energy

English for all


Today we are looking at plurals. Most nouns are singular or plural eg

One  dog  ,    two dogs  

To make a noun plural most of the time you add  s. However this is not always the case ! 

If  words end in y , ies is added

If words end in sh ss ch  or x ,  es is added

If words end in f ,   ves can be added.

BUT beware as usual not all words are obedient and follow these rules.

Look at the ppt below to refresh your memory.

Now try the plurals challenges attached below.


Mental Maths Starter   Division focus

Today we are looking at the inverse of multiplication which is division.

Year 2 : Below is attached a ppt about division as well as a few web links to refresh your memory about different ways we can solve division problems  What is division?  Year 2 Dividing using a number line Year 2 Dividing using arrays

Then have a go at a  Year 2 Star Challenge. 

Year 3:

You can watch the videos  to refresh your memory about how we can divide.  

Remember if you choose to use a number line you can chunk along it if the number is larger.

Eg  140 ÷ 4 =  35 See the ppt below.

There is also a ppt of division word problems which you might work through independently or with the help of an adult if you wish .

Then complete the Year 3 Starter Challenge first. You might also want to have a go at one of the  Year 3 Star Challenges as well.


We have been looking a coding and creating a set of instructions or algorithm on a computer to complete a task.​​​​​​​

With the permission of the adult who is with click on the web link.

Click on Tutorial and then Code a Cartoon. Have a go at bringing a character to life.