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Castle Acre Primary School

Tuesday 28th April

Good Morning. Today's tasks are as follows:

English for all is to write a short story using  one of the pictures attached below. 

Look carefully at the picture. A few things to remember when you are writing your story:

it has a beginning ,middle and ending    Capital letters and full stops   

 Interesting adjectives, verbs and adverbs        Conjunctions       Paragraphs     Open  your

sentences in different ways         Speech dialogue ,using inverted commas – “……  ”


Mental maths for 10 minutes

Use the websites to practise your understanding of the value of each digit

 Year 2:  -  1/10 more /less than TU HTU

Year 3 : - Practise making a number from words

Choose one of the 3 challenges below from either Year 2 or Year 3. Make sure you challenge yourself!


Tuesday 28th  April

Play the game to program a robot

Work through the sections from 1- 8, finishing at ‘The Turtle Reappears’ .

You will learn how to make the pen that draws the shapes go up and down, make  the turtle disappear and reappear.

Have fun!