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Narborough Primary Academy

Tuesday 28th April

Phonics / Spelling

Spend 5 - 10 minutes practising your spellings from the lists you have been given.

Year 1 - Listen to the daily phonics lesson on Letters and Sounds for home and school.

Year 2 - Read and watch the powerpoint attached to learn about adding the suffix 'ing'. Complete the 'ing' worksheet You can write the correct 'ing' word in your exercise book if you don't have a printer.


Y1 Comprehension tasks - Phonics ay spotter: Carefully read the text. Read the questions and write down the answers either on the sheet or in your exercise book. 

Y2 Comprehension task - Find and copy a word: Choose from the 'mild' or 'hot' challenge. Carefully read the text. Find and copy the correct words from the text either onto the sheet or in your exercise book.


Spend 10 minutes on the Daily ten

Year 1 Level 2 - Partitioning

Year 2 Level 3 -Partitioning

Year 1 - Click onto Whiterose Maths Year 1. Choose week 2 lesson 2 'Finding a quarter'. Watch the video then complete the activity either on the sheet or in your exercise book.

Year 2 - Click onto Whiterose Maths Year 2. Choose week 2 lesson 2 'Ordering lengths'. Watch the video then complete the activity either on your sheet or in your exercise book.


Download the attachment called 'What was so special about life on the Titanic?' Read the instructions. You will need to look at the Powerpoint 'Life on the Titanic'.  Your worksheet is called 'Looking for historical evidence'. Your answers can be written on the sheet or in your exercise book.

Daily Act of Worship/reflection

Click on the link below to take you to the bbc website

Beginnings: Moses