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Narborough Primary Academy

Tuesday 2nd February


Please spend 5 minutes practising your spellings and writing at least one sentence using a word from your spelling list.



Mental oral starter. 

Oxford Owl: 2D Shapes

Match the shapes to their names 

For a more challenging 2D and 3d Shape game click on this link


Main activity. 

Y2 -  Today you will be making tally charts.

You will need your pencil and paper.

Watch the video and pause where necessary to complete the questions.

Complete the Y2 worksheet for all. You ay like to try the challenge sheet too.


Y3 Today we are going to be reminding ourselves about pictograms that we briefly taught in Y2. Pictograms  (2, 5 and 10) video link

Watch the video then complete the Y3 worksheet for all. If you would like further practise please choose the additional pictogram sheet.




Today we are going to try and correctly recognise past and present tense 

Have a look at the powerpoint explaining past and present tense 

Tense tells you when something is happening. Did it happen in the past? Is it happening now? Or is it going to happen? 

We have a problem. Someone made a mistake and when writing the story they kept going to present tense by-accident. Your challenge is to help them by re-writing the first page in all PAST TENSE. Use your most beautiful handwriting. When you come to a verb you know is wrong, change it to the past tense. Eg ‘John and his dog lives’  should  be ‘John and his dog lived’..


Research task 

The story of the Pedlar Of Swaffham is well known in Norfolk and there really was a man named John Chapman. Little signs of the story are hidden all over Swaffham. There is a picture of John on the town cross sign to Swaffham and in the church there is a pew belonging to John Chapman and there is also a wooden carving of a man (John Chapman) holding his pack and a dog. Research these on the internet to see if you can find the pictures of what these look like. 



We are going to work through a music unit called 'I want to play in a band'.

Type in your user name and password. Then click on Scheme at the top (in red) and select 'Adapted for COVID'. Select lesson 1. Play the games and complete the activities. Have fun!


Today we will be learning What life was like for the people in The Shang Dynasty

You will need a piece of paper, pencil and a ruler. 

As you watch the video pause the video and join in with some or all of these short activities.

  • Create a timeline  and place the  Shang Dynasty on it, then add some events of your own that are important to you or you know about.
  • Can you write three sentences about the importance of the Yellow River to the Shang Dynasty?
  • Can you remember what they ate and drank?
  • Can you remember the differences between the working and noble class.