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Castle Acre Primary School

Tuesday 2nd June

Morning everybody.

Spellings to practise today are:

For all :  chain    strain    waist    complain  contain   claim

English for all

Choose your favourite celebrity. It could be a sports person, singer, musician, TV presenter or author to name but a few. Think of up to  8 questions you would like to ask them if you met them. Try to pose unusual questions that would tell you about them as people for example:

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

What would be your super power?

What pet would you love to have?

PS: Don' t forget the question marks!


Mental maths

Click on the link below

Year 2 : Ordering level 3

Year 3 : Ordering level 4

Year 3

Today the focus is ordering fractions on a number line.

Click on the link below to watch the video clip:

Then try Year 3 Fractions for all first.

There is also a 1,2 or 3 star problem solving challenge you may want to try as well.

Year 2

Watch the video about division using sharing.

Then have a go at the worksheet 'Year 2 Division for all '

There is also a Year 2 Division Extension Challenge to have a go at as well!

Below is a link for a sharing game you might enjoy playing .


Look at the Kandinsky Ppt. He was an abstract artist who used shapes when he painted. Today we will be using shapes to create  a plant or a tree on the computer.

Open a word document .

Click on Insert.

Click on shapes.

Using different shapes draw a flower or plant.

You will need to format  the shapes to change the size and colour ,as well as rotate them.

Mrs Wallbank has include a quick example.


Cambridge Science Centre is offering another free on line show. Again it is available for one week. I have registered the class to access ‘Sonic Science’. A summary of the show is below. It may be a little more challenging than the previous one as it is aimed at slightly older children.

Sonic Science 
Ever wondered what sound is or how it travels? How do we even know a sound is being made? Find out as we use tuning forks, speakers, ping-pong balls, smoke rings, and an oversized model of the ear to explore the world of sound. Introducing concepts including pitch and frequency, states of matter, and human anatomy.

Everything you need is below and both the weblink and password has been sent to via the class dojo. This show is available to you to access for a whole week from Monday 1st June  to Sunday 7th June.