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Narborough Primary Academy

Tuesday 5th May 2020

Phonics / Spelling

Spend 5  minutes practising a few of your spellings that you have been given.

Year 1  - Listen to the daily phonics lesson on Letters and Sounds for home and school

Year 2 - Choose 3 of your spelling words you find a little more tricky. Write a sentence for each of the three words.


Download the example instruction sheets and choose one you would like read and have a go at making for your topic activity. You might not have all the things you need so check to see which instruction sheet would suit you and if you need to adapt it that is fine. Look carefully at the layout of the instructions and what information is included in the instruction sheet. Underline, highlight or write the imperative verbs in your book. Remember that imperative verbs are 'bossy verbs'.


Mental Maths Train - Choose 'subtraction'. Spend 5 to 10 minutes playing a suitable subtraction game of your choice.

Year 1 - Fact families - linking addition and subtraction (1) . Watch the video and complete the activity. Whiterose Maths Year 1 Lesson 2

Year 2  - Compare number sentences. Watch the video and complete the activity. Whiterose Maths Year 2 Lesson 2


Follow your instruction sheet to make your chosen item! The bird feeder should be an activity to easily resource. Any kind of plastic container could be used in place of the margarine tub. If you don't have coloured paper or paint perhaps you can decorate a plain piece of paper and cover the tub with this. Enjoy making your chosen craft activity and don't forget to follow the instructions!